Payment Management Software

Payment Management Software

S/N Features Description
School wallet
A digital wallet system for the school to receive and manage payments.
Payment gateway integration
Integration with popular payment gateways to enable online payments.
Automatic staff payments
A feature to automate salary payments for staff members.
Payment tracking
A feature to track all payments made to the school.
Payment reminders
A feature to send reminders to parents for pending payments.
Fee structure management
A module to manage the fee structure of the school, including tuition fees, exam fees, and other charges.
Invoice generation
A feature to generate invoices for all types of fees payable by the parents.
Receipt generation
A feature to generate receipts for all payments made to the school.
Refund management
A module to manage refunds in case of overpayment or cancellation of services.
Analytics and reporting
A feature to provide insights into payment trends, overdue payments, and other payment-related metrics.

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